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Fayetteville NC Chamber

Business development site for economic and downtown development of the county and allows small business development information for organizations that are considering relocation.

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North Carolina

North Carolina Chapter

The North Carolina Chapter is thrilled to support and encourage the development of the country’s next generation of technology leaders. This year the chapter presented two scholarships of $2,500 each to local college students. In addition, it presented $5,000 in STEM grants to eight teachers in the local Fayetteville/Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, area, enabling the purchase of essential equipment and supplies for improving their science and technology programs, from microscopes to books to parts for robotics teams. The chapter looks forward to providing scholarships and STEM grants again next year. Look for more information and instructions on the website.

Contact: Peggy Henderson (scholarships: [email protected]) or Georgia Popp (STEM grants: [email protected])


AFCEA Members and Friends,
Join us for our February luncheon featuring a guest speaker from the Hacker Academy in Raleigh, NC

- When: Thursday, 12 Feb, 1130 - 1230
- Where: Fort Bragg Club, Ft Bragg, NC
- Guest Speaker: Brad Geeseman, IT Security Expert from the Hacker Academy in Raleigh, NC
- Topic: Cyber Training using virtual network environments (students participate as Red Team and Blue Team)

=> More info and RSVP online to attend at:

Another event you are encouraged to attend: There is an Orange Call at Sports USA in Fayetteville on Tue, 10 Feb, from 1700-1830. Translation (for those not familiar with an Orange Call): Invitation for all Signal (IT) professionals in the local area to gather at a local Sports bar for networking. This will also be a great opportunity to meet new friends from across the Fort Bragg technology community….from JSOC, XVIII ABNC, HQ USARC, Ft Bragg NEC, GISA, HQ FORSCOM, etc. It’s really a large community…but we rarely cross paths. This is also a great opportunity to advertise our AFCEA chapter…and invite a few at the Orange Call to attend our upcoming luncheon as well as our TechNet Ft Bragg conference in April.