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Fayetteville NC Chamber

Business development site for economic and downtown development of the county and allows small business development information for organizations that are considering relocation.

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Our very own Sharon Morrisey, who is on the Board of Directors as the VP of Publicity as well as the Young AFCEAN assistant VP and assistant VP of Expositions, has been named a Distinguished Young AFCEAN. She will be traveling to San Diego, CA to accept the honor and represent the AFCEA - North Carolina Chapter at the WEST 2013 AFCEA Conference.

Ms. Morrisey is an amazingly energetic and focused young woman who accomplishes every task set before her with exemplary skill and dedication. She remains calm under fire and is a genuine pleasure to work with. It is with great pride we’ve watched her grow so quickly into a force to be reckoned with and there is no better representation of what it means to be a Distinguished Young AFCEAN.

Hello everyone!

We have realized a need to modernize and condense our website into one platform that will enable us to better manage our announcements, information, communication, content, and documentation. We will be adding our social media presence very soon so keep checking back with us!

You may notice some pages are empty but don’t worry! Those pages will be updated shortly as we work out the kinks in our newfound system!

Our new site is mobile device ready - we are simply working through a speed bump here and there.

We will be implementing new features, like the feature slider on the homepage - this highlights some of our significant recent events, and will be used to highlight important events in the future! Don’t be alarmed at the size or quality of the pictures in the slider. Those are temporary until we can get the full sized high-quality pictures uploaded to the site.

You’ll also notice several twitter feeds of popular accounts under this slider. We are a firm believer in mobile communications and promote it accordingly!

Below the twitter feeds you’ll see our blog section; also available on the “Announcements” page. The feature slider on top pulls from certain blog posts we have selected, so don’t be alarmed if you see duplicate information.

As for function, we are testing and partially implementing an online registration system that will be able to take payments within the website. In the future it will also have a ticketing function built in which will also act as your name tag during milestone events. It will also allow you to donate money via paypal (and possibly debit) to the organization no matter if it’s only $1 or $100. Your donations are what allows us to give scholarships to very deserving young men and women! YOU make it happen!

If you notice any problems with the website please use the contact form to send us a message!