AFCEA is a non-profit organization consisting of over 35,000 members worldwide and dedicated to supporting and promoting professional networking and development within the military technology community. The Janice Suggs Educational Scholarship Program provides merit-based scholarship grants to qualified students who are pursuing degrees or advanced training in science, technology, engineering and math related fields of study.

Application Qualifications

  1. Multiple scholarships of approximately $2,000 each will be awarded to deserving applicants who are residents in the local Fayetteville / Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, as well as Ft Bragg/Pope Field employees (civilian or military) or their dependents.

  2. The scholarships are open to returning college students and new college applicants and may be previous winners of a scholarship from the NC Chapter of AFCEA.

  3. The student must apply the scholarship toward tuition, fees and books in 2019. The scholarship winners may be requested to provide a copy of all receipts for college expenses for which the scholarship amount was used to the NC Chapter of AFCEA. Any unused scholarship amount must be refunded to the NC Chapter of AFCEA upon request.

  4. The scholarship will be awarded when applicant is accepted or shows proof of enrollment at an accredited college and provides this information, in writing, to the NC Chapter of AFCEA.

Applications must be sent NLT February 15th 2019. They should contain only the following: (Make sure all files are uploaded before you submit your application)

  1. Completed Scholarship Application Form – 2019

  2. A 500 word essay describing the applicant’s career goals/ambitions, which includes the area of study the applicant plans to pursue. The area of study should be related to the mission of AFCEA International. You can find the mission statement here.

  3. One or two page resume showing dates and outlining extracurricular activities, community activities, volunteer projects, and work experience.

  4. Copies of high school transcript and/or college transcripts for all schools attended. Applicants do not have to provide a high school transcript if they have college transcripts covering the equivalent of two years as a full time college student (usually 60 credits).